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Angel of the North

Winter Angel (smp427)

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The Angel of the North has become one of the nation's most iconic sculptures since its creation by Antony Gormley in 1998. It is one of the most-seen pieces of artwork in the country, thanks mainly to its proximity to the A1. Reactions to it were mixed, and arguably still are. I meet many people locally who dislike it, and just as many who have never been to see it up close. But even those who are not fond of it as a piece of art can surely not deny that it has helped put Gateshead on the map.

It's somewhere I've visited as a photographer on numerous occasions over the years. I've yet to take 'the' shot of it, though Winter Angel is one of the most popular shots I've ever taken and comes fairly close. It's been photographed to death of course, so the challenge for me is to take something a little different, and my Deconstruction of the Angel are perhaps my favourite.


Winter Angel (smp427)

Beautiful photograph, I bought a black frame and it looks stunning. Many thanks.

Megan Hall


Winter Angel (smp427)

Steve, the print arrived this morning safe and sound. I am delighted with it, as will my wife be when she sees it.

Philip Neill, Northampton


“Thank you for the beautiful picture of Embleton Bay which I received today. It brings back wonderful childhood memories of summer holidays spent there!”

(Brenda Waugh, Private buyer)