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Shaken Angel (DC002)

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These are my latest pieces, which I began working on early in 2014. They are digitally rearranged shots of the iconic architecture of the North East. The concept was to take a single viewpoint and 'deconstruct' the components, before rearranging in what I hope are pleasing formations. They are the most 'artistic' pieces I've ever produced. As you can imagine, the possibilities are endless, so the challenge is to find those arrangements that work. That of course will be personal preference, but these have been great fun to produce (and very time-consuming) and I'm excited by early reactions to them.

The underlying motivation here was to produce a range of prints that were unique to me. I've noticed that photographers throughout the area often have the same collection of images, roughly speaking. A good Angel of the North (perhaps in the snow), the Gateshead MIllennium Bridge (probably at night), Bamburgh Castle at dawn. And so on. Nothing wrong with that - we're all drawn to these places because they are beautiful. But recently I looked at a list I'd written of 'shots to get' - i.e. images missing from my portfolio. It was a list created by knowing what shots other photographers had, and it didn't seem right. Where was the creativity, I wondered? So I challenged myself to be more imaginative, to produce something that other photographers and artists in the North East did not have, and would not have.

“Thank you for the beautiful picture of Embleton Bay which I received today. It brings back wonderful childhood memories of summer holidays spent there!”

(Brenda Waugh, Private buyer)