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Winter Angel (smp427)

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Monochrome was my first love as a photographer. For four years black and white was all I shot in, using a Canon camera loaded with black and white film. I developed them in the attic at the place I worked, an economics consultancy in a Victorian terrace building in Newcastle, where they'd allowed me to convert an unused store room into a darkroom. By the time photography was my full-time career I was shooting digitally, and hence in colour, but I've always got an eye on the monochrome potential of a scene, and, particularly for architecture and cities, it's my preferred style.

Some of my most popular images actually date from those early days, with the negatives having been scanned to produce digital files. My Tyne Bridge (smp05), Grey Street (smp09) and Gateshead Millennium Bridge (smp12) remain three of my most popular images, and all were taken on film. There's something about the degree to which you have to pay attention to shape and form, and can't be distracted by vibrant colours, that make monochome photography particularly rewarding, and it's a great way to hone your skills as a photographer.


Grey Street (smp09)

Thank you for the Grey Street print. I first saw it about 7 years ago on the wall of the Grey Street Hotel in Newcastle. It took me a long time to find a place for it but it has been worth the wait. I purchased it when I moved to the USA, where it now hangs beautifully on my wall in Portland, as a memory-filled reminder of my wonderful home and the striking historical architecture of Newcastle. I chose the largest size possible, and the quality of the image has a wonderful grain indicative of traditional film photography. I love it. Many thanks Lisa

Lisa Campbell


The Tyne Bridge (smp05)

Thank you for all the time and trouble you took to source table mats and print with the monochrome images of my choice. The photos are fantastic and we are so pleased with them. You sent them out to us quickly and efficiently and we were delighted with the whole thing. Many thanks

Elizabeth Taylor


Winter Angel (smp427)

Beautiful photograph, I bought a black frame and it looks stunning. Many thanks.

Megan Hall


The Sage Gateshead and Tyne Bridge (smp291b)

I ordered a print as a leaving gift for a colleague and when I realised the delivery date would be after our colleague was leaving, Steve actually hand delivered the print to our offices to make sure we received it on time, this was above and beyond what I could've asked for and it was very much appreciated, and the picture itself was gorgeous!

Rachel Hadfield


The Sage Gateshead and Tyne Bridge (smp291b)

I purchased a mounted print of the Sage Gateshead and Tyne Bridge for a colleague who was leaving Newcastle and moving to Wales. He loved living in Newcastle so we wanted to give him something to hang in his new home to remind of how beautiful the Quayside is. He was absolutely thrilled with the print.

Suzanne Felton


Bridges at Night (smp287d)

I enjoyed exploring the different photographs you had taken, and I had difficulty choosing which Bridges photo to buy, as there was 3 which were stunning. I received the product in good time and was packaged safely. The photograph was a gift for my step-mum for her birthday and her and my Dad were overwhelmed by it.

Hope Gray, Felixstowe


“Thank you for the beautiful picture of Embleton Bay which I received today. It brings back wonderful childhood memories of summer holidays spent there!”

(Brenda Waugh, Private buyer)