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Angel of the North (smp549)

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Interaction with negatives has entirely ceased for those of us who use digital cameras. Even for those who do still use film, the negative is usually seen as part of the process to producing the final image, and not as an end-point in itself. But often a negative image can be a very pleasing print in it's own right, as I've tried to show with this collection.

The concept is not new, and I'd not claim it to be. Plenty of others have released images in such a style, but they are rare, so I hope these stand out as something a little different. Any image can be converted to a negative digitally, as any image can be converted to monochrome, but not all should be. Some colours work better than others when inverted. I like the pink shade that the real-life green Tyne Bridge produces when flipped. The scene has to be right too, and I spent a lot of time searching for vantage points that had the right mix of complexity and colours to produce negatives that I personally found pleasing to the eye.

“Thank you for the beautiful picture of Embleton Bay which I received today. It brings back wonderful childhood memories of summer holidays spent there!”

(Brenda Waugh, Private buyer)