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The Tyne Bridge (smp557)

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Singles are about isolating a particular piece of architecture and presenting it entirely on its own, with all of the surrounding context stripped away. Like cut-outs. My hope was that they would be 'defining' shots - the bare bones. They are part of my move away from seeing the images as the end point, and exploring how images can be altered digitally to create new pieces of art. In actual fact, the process led eventually to my other separate range of Deconstructions, but this stage still seems to make sense to me. As a great lover of architecture and simple, uncluttered compositions, this is a natural way to get around the fact that shots 'as taken' are rarely so clean.

“Thank you for the beautiful picture of Embleton Bay which I received today. It brings back wonderful childhood memories of summer holidays spent there!”

(Brenda Waugh, Private buyer)